Hello world!

This is the first installment of my new blog,!

As the site reads, “I build cool stuff”. Here, I plan to chronicle my builds, give some tips, share some plans and methods, explore some new ideas, and learn new things. I’m an R2-Builder, 3D modeler, designer and fine artist. I build hobby robots, the most famous and popular being R2-D2 from Star Wars. I also work with 3D printing and CNC machining, as well as enjoy scratchbuilding and kit-bashing in styrene and plastics.

I also plan to post some of my work and methods used in creating Halloween haunts and props. I build and sculpt in different media, but lately have done the most work in papier mache. I have plans for doing some new sculpts for mask making and casting as well.

Along the way, I may also post some info concerning personal improvement and other subjects, as I move along and progress toward my goals, so I hope that as I share my life and interests you find something useful and edifying. Check back and see what I’m working on!